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This art card collection by Linda Heslop is an up close and personal study of "Life on a Rock". Vancouver Island inspired these renditions of nature, stones and marine creatures are intended to bring humankind closer to their environment.

May your wanderings leave no stone unturned yet protect nature in all her beautiful forms. Better still to leave only footprints...



Titles / Images

- Life on a Rock

- A Question of Balance

- Beach of Glass

- The Calm Beyond

- Castaways

- Constellation Conservation

- Contemplation

- Ebb & Flow

- Gull's View

- Low Tide Treasures

- Phantoms

- Secret Places

-Stone Spirits

- Tidal Offerings

- West Coast Trail


Life on a Rock Package Qty 60

GST/HST Included
  • Art Cards with Envelopes

    15 Titles / 4 of each

    Qty 60

    Wholesale $3.00 per card

    SubTotal $180.00 +

    Flat Rate Shipping $7

    (within Canada)

    TOTAL $187.00

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