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A Metaphysical Series of art cards by Linda Heslop. An intimate study of natural and conceptual stones, soulful surroundings and spirutual dwellings.

Beautiful thought provoking art cards with mindful titles and attention to detail. As with all life forms "A Question of Balance" presents challenge. This art card collection is provocative of our present moment, our encounters & ultimately our kindness and care towards all matters. "The Calm Beyond" resulting from our pursuits to nurture and let nature be.


All Occasion / Coastal Theme

Blank Inside / Includes Envelopes

Dimensions: 5"x7"



Titles / Images

- The Calm Beyond

- A Question of Balance

- After the Storm

- Castaways

- Contemplation

- Ebb & Flow

- Gull's View

- Life on a Rock

- Old Bones

- Stone Spirits


Metaphysical Package B Qty 60

GST/HST Included
  • Art Cards with Envelopes

    10 Titles / 6 of each

    Qty 60

    Wholesale $3.00 per card

    SubTotal $180.00 +

    Flat Rate Shipping $7

    (within Canada)

    TOTAL $187.00

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